5 Upgrades to Whip Your Home into Shape in 2021

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People want a beautiful, comfortable home now more than ever since we are spending so much time there. 

As you consider what home improvements you may want to make, don’t forget to think about what upgrades increase home value, too.

Here are our top five upgrade recommendations to transform your home into your dream home in 2021.

1. Kitchen upgrades 

The first place to start if you want to make your home a showplace for your family to enjoy is the kitchen. Kitchen upgrade ideas range from simple recommendations you can do yourself to whole kitchen remodels. Just choose one of these or change everything. It’s up to you!

Think about the things that look the most dated or are the least functional as you decide on your priorities. 

Some of the biggest impacts in aesthetics come from painting or replacing the kitchen cabinets with something with more color. Blue or black cabinets, for example, or replace your cabinets with dark or reclaimed wood cabinets. 

Adding to or updating the kitchen island can give you a lot more workspace and storage, which is always welcome. Consider a counter-height or table-height seating area for your island. It makes things easier (and safer) for the little ones and senior adults in the family. 

For a dramatic change, replace the kitchen counter with something non-porous and easy-to-clean like a quartz countertop. Or consider a butcher block or solid surface counter.

Some new light fixtures can make a big difference in making your space look a lot more modern and bright. 

And if you have enough left in your budget, go for a shiny new, colorful kitchen backsplash. This year, textured tiles, new shapes, and bright colors and patterns are very popular.

Wooden home office desk in corner with windows.
Home office desk

2. Home office space/learning space

If you are working from home full-time or part-time, a home office space is an essential upgrade for this year. And if you have a child doing homeschooling, virtual school, or hybrid schooling, having a dedicated space for them to study and have online conferencing can be a life-saver.

If you don’t have much space, try clearing out a closet or nook under the stairs with space for a desk, cubbies/shelves, lighting, and all the necessities you need.

If you have an extra bedroom, room-over-the-garage, or garage space you can sacrifice, consider transforming some unused space into a dedicated office space or school space for your kids. 

For more inspiration for great home office ideas for 2021, or a home learning space, please check out these posts.

Women sitting on covered patio singing and playing guitar
Covered patio outdoor living space

3. Outdoor space for entertaining

Another huge emphasis this year is an outdoor living space. Everyone needs a little mini-vacation spot to relax or entertain friends and family outside. Find peace in a glorious backyard garden or create a top-class place for the kids to play and run off all that energy.

2021 is a good time to spruce up your backyard. Refinish or expand the deck. Install a patio. Add a pergola, gazebo, or shade sail. Invest in a fire pit. Add some beautiful privacy fencing.

Modern bathroom with free-standing tub, floating vanity, slanted ceiling with skylights, and large custom shower
Modern master bathroom with free-standing tub, large custom shower, floating vanity, and skylights

4. Bathroom upgrades

Maybe it’s time to simply bring your bathroom into the current decade with a few aesthetic changes. Or maybe you’re ready to splurge and create an in-home spa experience with an oversized shower and free-standing tub. 

Either way, a few bathroom updates can make a big difference in making your bathroom an oasis of tranquility. The right choices can even give you a bit more square footage of floor space.

Just changing out the old faucets, showerheads, door handles, and cabinet hardware can change the whole atmosphere of the room. This year, try matte black, weathered nickel, brass, or a brushed gold finish.

Toilets are fairly easy to replace. Choose one that saves water, has an elongated seat, and allows people to sit a bit higher than the old ones. Try a one-piece toilet that’s easier to clean. Or go all out with a smart toilet with a heated seat, bidet, nightlight, and dryer.

Choose a gorgeous new paint color to make a big statement. Shades of pale blue, rich green hues, warm neutrals like greige, or whisper-soft yellows may be the ticket. Feeling spunky? Consider covering one wall or all the walls with a boldly printed wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is back! And it’s more beautiful than ever!

An old floor makes your bathroom look dated. We suggest replacing that old 1990s vinyl with modern patterned tiles (ceramic or porcelain), luxury vinyl plank flooring, terrazzo, or natural stone. You’ll never regret choosing something beautiful and fresh that is a breeze to clean and waterproof. 

Check out more of our favorite bathroom trends for 2021.

Energy-efficient, stainless steel kitchen appliances

5. Energy-efficient upgrades

Reducing your carbon footprint is important to everyone this year as we try to lower our energy consumption. One easy way to do this is to change out your old lightbulbs with LED lighting. 

If you want to spruce up your home with new lighting fixtures, consider some organic materials. Woven lighting fixtures (bamboo and rattan) to add texture and a natural vibe to your home. 

Replacing old windows and doors, sealing them well, and replacing outdated appliances and HVAC units (air conditioning and heating) with new energy-efficient ones make a major difference in your energy use and your energy bill. Don’t forget to add more insulation to your attic to reduce the strain on your HVAC unit. 

See all the details about our top recommendations on how to make your home more energy-efficient in 2021.

Need help upgrading your home for 2021 in Columbia, SC?

You don’t have to do it yourself. Hire a handyman! We can help you do most of the upgrades you would like to do for your home this year. Check out the services we offer or ask us about the job you want to do.

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