Our Favorite 2021 Bathroom Trends

2021 bathroom trends are steaming up! If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel, what are the most important design ideas to consider? We are excited about some new bathroom ideas we know you’ll love. Whether you want to renovate a powder room, a small bathroom, or a big dream bathroom, we’ve got you covered!

brown basin sink with black metal wall-mounted faucet

Bathroom fixtures

In 2021, metal finishes don’t have to be the same. Having different finishes for hardware, faucets, and lighting fixtures can be a good thing. Gone are the days when everything must perfectly match. Character and personality are more important now than having a sterile environment.

Gold and brass are coming back and can mix with black metals, chrome, brushed nickel, copper, or stainless steel. Upgrade your bathroom quickly just by trading fixtures and hardware. Combine sleek modern design with wood and organic features and even some live plants, in a larger, well-ventilated bathroom, to draw on the beauty of nature.

Bathroom floors

If you have wood floors that are in good condition, you don’t have to replace them. You could paint them with waterproof paint. But if you want or need to replace your floors completely during your bathroom remodel, consider one of these stylish and functional choices: luxury vinyl plank flooring (100% waterproof), ceramic tile, porcelain tile, terrazzo, vinyl tiles, or sheet vinyl flooring.

The newest batches of vinyl and tile flooring are gorgeous. Check out the intricately patterned tile options available now. The tile and vinyl flooring look so much like hardwoods, you can hardly tell the difference until you feel them.

white and black tiled bathroom shower with white subway tile and patterned tile

Bathroom tile

Graphic patterns with bright, bold colors are taking the place of white subway tile or joining in to add accents and interest beside white tiles. Greens, blues, yellows, and blacks are especially popular for 2021. Mediterranean patterns, geometric shapes, and woven patterns are all options. You can use them across entire walls and floors or use them for accents.

Another big bathroom upgrade trend is tile that looks like wood. The finish can be matte and textured so that it looks just like a wood wall in your shower, but it is waterproof tile. Many people are creating white tiled showers with a long accent wall with a wood effect and then tile with a wood appearance for the floor. You can even add a “wooden” ceiling with these tiles to add a more earthy, natural feel.

Marble and natural stone are also beautiful modern options or choose a less expensive look-alike porcelain tile that has a natural stone effect.

Think beyond rectangular subway tiles! New shapes and sizes are coming on the scene—squares, small textured tiles, and hexagons are bringing new life into modern elegant bathroom design. 

white modern bathroom with chrome fixtures and floating vanity

Floating vanities

Design trends for 2021 favor having wet rooms or large shower areas without shower curtains. So bathroom vanities and toilets need to be up off of the floor for drainage and proper cleaning. A floating vanity is mounted to the wall and often has a drawer or two. There is generally a clearance of about 12-18 inches from the floor. 

Even in bathrooms that are not wet rooms, floating or suspended vanities are popular because they look sleek and modern and are easy to clean underneath. For small bathrooms, floating furniture gives the illusion of more space.

Medicine Cabinets/Bathroom Mirrors

Chunky mirrored medicine cabinets may look a bit dated. Modern bathrooms often have sleek mirrors that sit flush with the wall. Or consider adding a recessed cabinet with a door that is flush with the wall to continue your sleek, updated look.

Mirrors and new medicine cabinets have LED lighting options along the sides, all the way around, or even backlighting to create a stunning look.

gray and white marble tiled shower with frameless glass shower door and gray hexagonal shower tile floor

Shower trends

For many homeowners, showers are more important than tubs, especially if there is another bathroom that has a tub in the home. People want larger shower areas with built-in benches. Another important trend is that people want to be able to stay in their homes as long as possible to “age-in-place.” So they want spacious roll-in showers that could accommodate a wheelchair or walker someday. 

While you upgrade your shower or tub, be sure to include some safety grab bars to help prevent family members and loved ones from falling.

Shower doors/shower enclosures

While a fresh, new shower curtain can certainly spruce up your bathroom decor in a jiffy, a new sliding glass shower door can provide an elegance, longevity, and functionality that no curtain could ever match. Choose a frameless shower door for a sleek look, or even go trackless to make a dramatic statement.

If you choose to have a large custom-built shower, create a showpiece with a glass enclosure on two or three sides.

Shower floor tiles

People are moving away from larger tiles to smaller tiles for shower floors. Shower and tub accidents are one of the leading causes of dangerous falls at home. These smaller tiles have more texture, especially with so much more grout. More texture helps to prevent slips and falls.

Another fantastic option for shower floor tiles is textured tile that looks like planks of hardwood flooring. They have a non-skid, slip-resistant surface and the beauty of a natural wood floor.

round white soaking tub in large bathroom near picture window


Having at least one tub in the house gives you the flexibility to give the kids a bath or enjoy a luxurious soak, yourself.

Instead of jetted tubs, in 2021, people want free-standing deep-soaking tubs, circular tubs, or a wet room with a free-standing tub.

Wet rooms

With a wet room, you don’t have to worry about cleaning a shower door or shower curtain. You’ve got a large shower area that’s designed to get wet. 

If you have a small bathroom, make sure the entire room is waterproof and all of the fixtures, too. If you have a large bathroom, you can just make sure the floor slants toward a center drain and place the shower far away from anything else.


Wallpaper is back in a big way with large floral, tropical, and geometric prints. Florals, chintz, and terrazzo patterns are all popular wallpaper designs for 2021. Or use cost-effective wallpaper designs to make your walls look like luxurious marble slabs. 

Paper your entire bathroom with glamorous patterns or a subtle ombre effect or just create one accent wall. Big patterns and lots of colors are appropriate for a small powder room or a large master suite. Today, there are many water-resistant wallpapers from which to choose.

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