Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

It’s always great to have a quiet, distraction-free place to work at home. But this year, it’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for more people than ever. If you have the type of job you can do from home, you are very fortunate.

If you are suddenly working from home, how can you work with what you’ve got?

A home office used to mean a dedicated room that was set aside only for work. The trend in 2020 is to have a workspace but not to separate it so much from the rest of the house.

So if you have a room you can manage to spare and want to have all of your work stuff in that space, that’s great! Or you can merge an office with a guest bedroom that isn’t used often. 

But if you don’t have an extra room just for your work things, not to worry. Whether you own a small business or you are working for a bigger company from home, you can make this work. Carve out a place in the great room, den, living room, or even the kitchen that can be perfect for your needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a workspace you really love? One where you can be as productive as possible and also be relaxed.

8 home office tips

There are several things you’ll probably want to consider for your workspace. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

  1. Try to choose a place with some natural light, ideally with a peaceful view. 
  2. Clear the room or area from other clutter that may be distracting.
  3. Be sure you have a comfortable chair and can sit in an ergonomically correct way.
  4. Consider a desk or desk accessory that can adjust to allow you to sit or stand.
  5. Make sure you have a place to store any books, manuals, files, and important papers in an organized way.
  6. Try to choose a place where you can have some peace and quiet if needed so that you can make a professional phone call and think clearly enough to write emails.
  7. Consider enhancing your wifi or your internet to a high speed so that you don’t have to stress over a slow connection.
  8. Think about an anti-glare computer screen if you suffer from eye-strain.

The great thing about working from home is that you can make your workspace exactly what you’d like it to be. You may even want to create some special homework areas for your spouse and your children, as well, if everyone will be home for an extended time frame.

Home office in a corner full of windows and red cushioned benches with natural wood desk
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

14 projects to make your home office feel like home.

If you are looking for some serious home office inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Home office design doesn’t have to be difficult.

  1. Paint your room, or corner, with a neutral color palette that will help you feel productive. Or add a pop of color for motivation.
  2. Add shelves and storage cabinets to your room or workspace.
  3. Install a folding table or desk on a wall if your space is small.
  4. Build a partial wall to partition off your workspace from other functions in the room if you have multiple things going on in one space.
  5. Add some beautiful paintings, artwork, or mirrors to personalize your space and get your creative, productive juices flowing.
  6. Install some window blinds, shades, or window treatments to make your style statement.
  7. Install storage racks.
  8. Install a hanging pegboard to organize all your work essentials.
  9. Install some new lighting that will provide enough light for your space and consider full-spectrum light bulbs.
  10. Build cubbies.
  11. Add hooks and hanging storage options.
  12. Install a custom storage system along one or two walls.
  13. Install a fold-out Murphy bed in a guest bedroom so you have more space for your office.
  14. Add custom molding to make your space feel more formal and sophisticated.

Remember, if you are your own boss, be sure to check out any licensing requirements your state and town may have about working from home.

Need help improving your home office?

Maybe you are ready to go on getting your office space ready but you just don’t have the time or ability to do the bigger projects yourself. That’s okay! A handyman company comes in very handy in times like these.

Most of the projects mentioned in the second section of this post are things that a reputable handyman near you can handle. All you have to do is decide what you want to do and make the purchases you need. Your handyman can do the work for you.

Or you may decide to consult with a handyman before you make decisions to be sure that your ideas are going to work well for the room and space you have. You can also get an estimate ahead of time about what the handyman will charge so you don’t have any surprises.

So contact a handyman business and talk over your decor ideas, storage ideas, and other home improvement projects you’d like to tackle for your new workspace at home. It could be a great time to mention your honey-do list and other home repairs that need to be done, too.

Ready to create a home office in the Columbia, SC area?

We’d love to help you prepare your dream home office. We offer many services to help including light fixture installation, cabinet installation, window treatment installation, and more!

Please contact us today for assistance with carpentry and minor electrical jobs for your home office!


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