A Handyman’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

When the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, the world seems to start a new, refreshing chapter. It’s time for nature to reset itself and start over.

Maybe that’s why spring is a time that leads so many people to think about a deep purging and cleaning for their homes. It feels good to get everything really clean one time a year.

21 spring cleaning ideas:

  1. Declutter one room per week.
    • Take everything out of each drawer, closet, shelf, and cabinet.
    • Dust and clean as you go with an all-purpose cleaner.
    • Give away things you haven’t used in the past two years.
    • Throw away anything that has no value to you or anyone else.
    • Organize as you put items back.
  2. Go through the fridge, pantry, and cabinets and toss expired items.
    • Dust and clean the shelves as you go.
    • Organize the items as you put them back by category.
    • Change the baking soda box in the fridge.
  3. Use a damp cloth or dust mop or break out the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the walls and corners near the ceiling, if needed, for cobwebs.
  4. Clean the windows inside and outside (after the pollen season is over).
    • If you have newer windows, you may be able to open the windows from the inside for cleaning.
  5. Wipe the front of all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  6. Change your shower curtains.
  7. Clean the oven.
  8. Clean behind the refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer—including vacuuming the refrigerator coils.
    • Consider hiring someone to clean out the dryer exhaust, if needed.
    • Mix up a warm water and detergent solution for the super sticky spots under the fridge.
  9. Wipe down baseboards.
  10. Clean vents with a butter knife wrapped in a cloth.
  11. Dust blinds and windows with a microfiber cloth.
  12. Polish hardwood floors (consider moving the furniture out of the room or to one side of the room).
  13. Wash or dry clean curtains and window treatments.
  14. Clean light fixtures inside and outside.
  15. Replace any burned-out light bulbs.
  16. Test the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors.
  17. Pull out the cleaning supplies and do a deep clean of the kitchen sink and faucet, bathroom sinks and faucets, showerheads, shower stalls, and tubs.
  18. Polish any stainless steel appliances.
  19. Clean your couches and chairs according to the manufacturer’s labels.
  20. Hose out the garbage cans outside and clean the ones inside, as well.
  21. Wipe down the inside of your microwave.
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Spring cleaning and a handyman

While you are freshening up, cleaning, and organizing, you may need a bit of help. Some jobs may be beyond your skill or strength level. Others may be too time-consuming. 

Why not find a handyman company to help you make all the changes you’d love to make around the house?

A handyman service can be an invaluable resource during spring cleaning season. They can often:

  • Install new shelving
  • Install new cabinets
  • Do some of the more dangerous outside chores or things that require a ladder
  • Tackle the home repair list
  • Fix broken bathroom or kitchen cabinets
  • Install modern, fresh hardware
  • Install ceiling fans, lights, and bathroom fans
  • Address maintenance and repair issues inside and outside
  • Hang mirrors or pictures
  • Touch up paint
  • Patch a hole in the drywall
  • Fix broken boards on the deck or wooden stairs
  • Caulk around windows, sinks, showers, faucets, and toilets.
  • Fix leaking toilets, sinks, and faucets.
  • Replace hard-to-reach lightbulbs
  • Do general home maintenance
  • And other handyman jobs…
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Looking for a handyman near you?

We are a handyman service in the Columbia, SC area.

We’d love to save you time, frustration, and stress by knocking out your honey-do list or your home improvement list. The handyman business is our thing!

We can also help you prepare your house to sell when the time comes.

We pride ourselves in providing great customer service for our clients on all the repair and maintenance jobs we do!

Please contact us today!

Let’s see how we can get your house looking its best!

Our service area includes

Lexington, Irmo, Columbia, Forest Acres, Cayce, and West Columbia.

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