How Can I Find a Good Handyman Company?

Need home repairs and improvements, but feeling lost?

Looking to get ready for the inlaws, to list your house on the market or have a honey-do list that desperately needs attention? Maybe you just want to enjoy living in a beautiful, well-maintained, fully functioning home.

As a homeowner maybe you are not sure who to trust to come into your home to do the home improvements you need to be done. You need a reputable handyman you can trust. It’s easy to just keep putting off the repairs and neglect the whole thing when you aren’t sure who to hire.

Tips to find a handyman service and have a great experience:

  1. Check with a trusted real estate agent.
  2. Talk to friends and family members you trust about who they used and their experience with service professionals.
  3. Read the company’s website, if they have one, and see what services the company offers.
  4. Check online reviews. Be sure the company handles negative reviews professionally and appropriately. Ask the company about any negative reviews that concern you.
  5. Ask for referrals and call them. Ask questions like, “Did they show up on time? What was the quality of the work? Did they pay attention to detail? Were you disappointed with anything? Would you use this company again?”
  6. Notice how the company treats you when you contact them. Are they prompt? Are they respectful and professional? Do they respond in a timely manner?
  7. Check to see if there is a cost or if it will be a free estimate so you can know that ahead of time.
  8. Insist on a work contract before the handyman begins work on your home projects.
  9. Be sure the company is insured and the workers have background checks.
  10. Check with the Better Business Bureau for lots of complaints against the company.
  11. Ask whether the company charges a flat rate for a job or whether they charge an hourly rate for working on home improvement projects.
  12. Ask about how many years of experience the workers have and what types of work they specialize in.
  13. Have a list of all the projects you want done ready when you contact the handyman service so that they can give you an accurate quote and let you know if any of the scope of work may not match with their services. 
  14. Be on the lookout for scams. A good handyman won’t ask you for all the money upfront. He also won’t come to your door or call you and solicit you for business. If something seems too good to be true, it is wise to slow down and investigate or look elsewhere.
  15. Ask if the company provides a guarantee on their handyman work.
  16. Be sure to check the handyman’s work and ask any questions you may have before you finish paying for the work and before he leaves.

Why should you hire a handyman?

When you keep up with home improvements and routine home maintenance, it saves you money in the long run. It’s a lot easier to repair a small problem right away than to let it fester and go ignored for months or years until it becomes a very costly home repair.

But many people today don’t have the time, desire, or experience to do regular home maintenance and repairs themselves. Or they don’t want to deal with the possible liability of making costly mistakes. After all, you are busy and your time and peace of mind are priceless. 

If you hire a handyman you can trust, you can avoid marriage stress, the frustration of trying to do things yourself that you aren’t comfortable doing, and save a whole lot of your free time for things you enjoy.

We want you to find the best handyman service for the types of work you need to be done. Whether you need a handyman or contractor, we can either help you ourselves or refer you to a licensed contractor who can help you.

Get Started

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