What Is a Honey-Do List?

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We talk often about that we can help you with your “honey-do list” but what does that mean, exactly?

The idea is:

  • Honey do this…
  • Honey do that…

If you and your spouse/partner own a home together or even simply rent a home together, it is inevitable that chores, maintenance, and household repairs will have to get done. It really isn’t about who does it as much as just that these things have to be done. 

Because there are so many different things to do to keep a household running well, many people find it helpful to keep a list of what needs to be done. A “honey-do-list.”

Organizing a honey-do list

Some people like to have a list that goes by tasks that need to be done annually, in each season, or each month for their partner and/or themselves to perform.

Others prefer to keep a list of the most urgent and pressing things first.

Some couples like to have lists written by topic or by the area of the house.

You can have a handwritten list, a spreadsheet, a note on your phone, or use any other platform you prefer that helps you stay organized and on top of all that maintenance and home repair items to be done around the house.

You can find lists of all of the normal home maintenance chores on various sites that homeowners need to stay on top of each season of the year.

Home Maintenance Lists to Get You Started:

  • Lowe’s Home Maintenance Checklist for First-Time Homeowners – by season
  • Home Depot’s Maintenance and Repair Guides
  • Prudent Reviews – the Ultimate Home Maintenance List (free printable)

Of course, some things on your list may be personal and just something you would like to be done at your house that isn’t part of an official list somewhere.

Can’t get your honey-do list done?

What if neither of you have the ability, time, expertise, or desire to work on the lengthy list that continues to pile up? After all, not everyone has hours of extra free time every week or the best handyman skills. 

Another option is to find a good handyman to do the work for you so neither of you have to do it!

A local handyman is really all you need for your honey-do list. It may be worth finding a handyman just to avoid the greater cost of marriage therapy later! 

The house will look great. You’ll both keep your free time. And you won’t have the marriage stress of working on difficult projects.

Handyman or Contractor?

For small honey-do list services, you don’t need an expensive general contractor, plumber, electrician, roofer, or carpenter. Yes, those professionals could easily do some of the things on your list, but you would pay a premium to hire them. 

If you have a big job that will take more than a week or it is a major renovation or there are serious plumbing, electrical, or carpentry jobs, you may want to hire a general contractor rather than a handyman. They can handle bigger jobs.

If you just have a small series of tasks and assignments around the house, go with a handyman company. They can do great work for a much lower cost. 

Try to find a honey-do list company that is insured and licensed for your protection. Go with one that has good referrals and a great word-of-mouth reputation. A general handyman service should be perfect for this.


A Home Maintenance Check List by Season

A Handyman’s Spring Cleaning Check List

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