Do Handymen That Do Electrical and Plumbing Exist?

Can a handyman do electrical work or handle plumbing issues?

Here’s a general guideline to help you decide which professional you need to call for specific electrical and plumbing work.

If you have a simple plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or general home maintenance job you may not have to call an expensive professional plumber or electrician. A handyman can probably handle this for you.

Note: Make sure your handyman is licensed and insured to protect yourself.

Handyman vs. Plumber or Electrician

In general, a handyman service is one that provides routine maintenance and repair work for small jobs. This is why a handyman’s prices are generally much lower than a general contractor’s or other specialist’s pricing may be. 

Many handyman companies don’t employ plumbers or electricians, although they may be able to refer you to other professionals for larger types of work. And they should be able to tell you if they are qualified to do the job or if they need to call in another expert.

If you have a major job that requires specialized licensing and involves greater liability, you may need to contact someone with a contractor’s license. Or even a professional plumbing service or professional electrician service, not a handyman.

The greater the liability and the more complicated the job, the more you will want to be sure you have someone who has liability insurance and a higher skill level with plenty of experience.

Call a licensed plumber for jobs like these:

  • Moving or replacing a water or sewer line moved or replaced.
  • Tearing out the entire shower floor and redoing the plumbing.
  • Major plumbing jobs.

Call a licensed electrician for jobs like these:

  • Moving or replacing electrical wiring.
  • Installing a new electrical box.
  • Work in the circuit breaker box.
  • Major electrical work.

Things to Remember As You Try to Find a Handyman

Whether you hire a handyman or a contractor, be sure that the person you hire is licensed and insured.

A handyman may charge an hourly rate or a flat rate per day or per job. Be sure to check with your local handyman to verify how he/she charges when you try to find a handyman to tackle your honey-do list. Check your handyman’s contract before you agree to hire him/her.

What Can a Handyman Legally Do in South Carolina?

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A handyman, under the classification of Residential Specialty Contractor, does not need a license to work in South Carolina; however, you will need to register with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. This allows you to work in carpentry, drywalling, wallpaper, painting, sidings, insulation, floor covering, masonry, concrete and roofing.

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