4 Must-Have Garage Upgrades

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The most dreaded chore… cleaning up and organizing the garage.

Garages tend to attract clutter, dirt, junk, and chaos. Most of us have way too much stuff piled haphazardly all over the place. This is the big chore that we usually put on the back burner and say, “I’ll get to that eventually,” then we never do.

Thankfully, your garage doesn’t have to give you heebie-jeebies every time you catch a glimpse of it. Imagine the joy of not having to feel embarrassed if the neighbors see the inside of your garage. With a few upgrades and a bit of organization, it can truly be a functional, beautiful space that your family and others can enjoy. 

Whether you want a new luxury garage or you just want to spruce up what you’ve got on a tight budget, with a bit of thoughtful planning, you can have a much better garage situation. 

The garage upgrades we recommend most:

1. Invest in a garage organization system

A clean, well-organized garage doesn’t have to be a fantasy. With a few clean lines, a couple of trips to the dump, and a plan for specific storage/work zones, your garage can become an oasis of clutter-free glory.

What do we mean by zones? We suggest storing similar items together. For example, have one area set aside for tools another for paint cans. Designate a specific place for sports equipment and bikes. Then, if you have a workbench/workshop, set aside an area just for your work, as well.

Garage tool organization

If you are a handyman, yourself, this can be a great DIY project. Invest in some wall-mounted hooks, pegboard, and shelves to create a place to hang all of your tools including your power tools. Or order a wall-mounted tool organization system to keep everything neatly in place. 

A foldable workbench could be a great addition that won’t take up much extra space.

Garage bike storage

Let’s face it, bikes take up a lot of valuable real estate in the garage. Consider a hanging wall-mounted bike rack. You can get up to 6 bikes off the floor and neatly hanging from the wall which may make it possible for people to actually walk through the garage into the house. Now, that would be a welcome treat!

Garage storage shelves 

Purchase pre-made organization systems that have uniform shelves and matching totes or plastic boxes for your sports stuff. Or you can hang hooks and store everything on the wall to get it off the floor and keep things organized.

Other options include installing garage storage cabinets, heavy-duty storage shelves, metal lockers, or an overhead garage storage system. 

Multi-gabled modern craftsman 2-story home with beautiful white garage door

2. Consider a garage door upgrade

Your garage door is one of the first things people notice about your house if it faces the street. Having a well-maintained garage door boosts your curb appeal and increases your home’s value.

Take a good look at your door and see if it needs to be repaired and repainted or if you may need a brand new garage door. This is a perfect time to get new high-tech garage door openers that work with your smart home system.

While you’re at it, add some insulation to your garage door if you like to use your garage space during cold or hot weather.

paint can lid with paint roller covered in green paint on concrete floor

3. Give the garage floor some TLC

Most garage floors get dirty, grimy, and nasty. You may not be able to prevent oil, grease, and dirt from coming into your garage, but you do have several options to make the floor look beautiful and much easier to clean.

Garage floor ideas

Garage floor options include the following:

Garage floor paint

Garage flooring

  • Rubber flooring/vinyl flooring 
  • Garage floor carpeting—indoor/outdoor carpeting designed for garages can be an option for a floor covering. It comes in tiles or rolls.
  • Snap-together tiles or flexible tiles—these interlocking modular tiles look sharp, stand up to abuse, are easy-to-clean, and protect the floor.

Garage floor mats 

  • Rollout garage mats— these mats protect the floor from oil and liquids and keep your garage floor looking like new.
  • Wall-to-wall coverage—these mats go side-by-side to cover the whole floor.
  • Containment mats—keep the mess from your wet, snowy, or muddy tires contained.
  • BLT mats (better life technology)—decorative floor mats also offer floor protection 
organized garage workshop

4. Make the garage a comfortable workshop

If you spend a lot of time in this space, consider adding some creature comforts like bright LED motion-sensing lighting, ceiling fansinsulation, caulking around windows, weatherstripping around doors, and extra GFCI outlets in the garage.

How about a ductless mini-split system to provide full climate control? These systems work perfectly in a garage space to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Other garage ideas

Renovating your garage into interior space may provide you with much-needed additional living room. Just keep in mind, it could keep future buyers away who value having a garage. Check with a trusted real estate agent in your area to find out if this may be an issue.

Then if you would like to turn your garage (or part of it) into an apartment, in-law suite, home gym, playroom, garage mudroom, or home office space, those are options, too!

Ready for some help with a garage makeover in the Greater Columbia, SC area?

We’re here to help! At Punch List Pros, we can help with installing new shelves, new light fixtures, painting the garage floor, patching concrete cracks, insulating the garage door, and more. Check out our services.

If you need help with home maintenance, home repairs, or getting your house ready to sell, we can do that, too!

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