What Is a Punch List?

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What does the term “punch list” even mean anyway?

Most often today, when someone refers to a “punch list,” they are talking about a list of home repairs that need to be done before a house closing during the selling process

Sometimes a homeowner attempts to complete a list of repairs around the house even before the selling process of a pre-owned home begins and that list could be called a punch list. Or the term can also refer to a list of small jobs that a general contractor needs to be finished before a new home is ready to sell.

After a potential home buyer gives an offer, they hire a home inspector to see what hidden things may be wrong with the house before they buy it. The inspector finds problems and makes a list. Then the current homeowner and the prospective home buyer negotiate which things the owner will fix for the buyer. This list is also called a punch list.

Merriam-Webster defines punch list this way:

a list of usually minor tasks to be completed at the end of a project

The reason this list was called a punch list is likely because, decades ago, someone would punch a hole in the paper beside each item on the list as it was finished. It is possible that there were two copies of the list and that the hole was punched through each copy so that the contractor/seller and the buyer could each keep track of what had been done.

But a “punch list” could also be simply a list of home repairs that need to be done around the house at any time.

What types of work might be included on a punch list? 

Some small repair jobs that a handyman service can tackle may include things like:

  • Interior door installation
  • Exterior door installation
  • Patio door installation
  • Sliding glass door installation
  • Bi-fold closet door installation
  • Window blinds installation
  • Pet door installation
  • Window screen installation
  • New window installation
  • Drywall repair
  • Deck repair
  • Stair repair
  • Door repair
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Leaky faucet repair
  • Leaky toilet repair
  • Bathroom fan repair
  • Ceiling fan repair
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Ceiling light installation
  • Bathroom fan installation
  • Light switch repair
  • Window frame repair
  • Cabinet repair
  • Doorknob installation
  • Screen door installation
  • Caulking in bathroom
  • Caulking around windows
  • Caulking around doors
  • Weatherstripping replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair.
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Small areas of grout repair
  • Floor repair

When you hire a reputable, affordable handyman to take care of your punch list or your honey-do list, you can feel the stress and pressure lifted from your shoulders. You know the home repairs will be done well. You know the prospective buyer will be happy. Or you know that you and your family will have the satisfaction of enjoying your home looking its best.

If you can find the best handyman near you, it is such a blessing. He/she can save you time, frustration, and money. 

If you had to hire professional drywall installers for every little hole in the drywall, you would spend so much more money. Or if you had to hire a professional plumber to fix a simple leaky faucet, you may spend twice as much, if not more, than what you would pay for a handyman rate.

Some handyman work is charged by the hour and some is a flat fee. You’ll want to check with your particular handyman company about their policy. But you’ll find a handyman in your area can help you get things done that you don’t want to do or can’t do for yourself who can help you for a lot less money than a general contractor or another specialized professional would have to charge.

Once you find a family handyman you trust, then you can just call him anytime you need something and never have to go for months or years with needed repairs sitting undone again.

Are you looking for a handyman near you?

We are a licensed and insured general handyman service in the Midlands of South Carolina. We offer a wide variety of services, like many of those listed in this post and more.

We can help you with your punch list, whether you are selling, you just bought a home, or you just want to catch up on your honey-do list if you need a handyman in Columbia, SC.

When you hire a handyman company, you know that you will save a lot of your free time for more important things in life. And you won’t have the stress and hassle of working on all the little home improvement projects around your house yourself. But you still get to enjoy the beauty of a job well done. And if you are selling your home, your buyer will be happy, too!

We can help you get your house ready to sell or ready to enjoy for many years to come. Stop feeling embarrassed about all the glaring repairs and maintenance issues at your house and do something about it!

Contact us—your local handyman service— today!

Our service area includes:

Lexington, Irmo, Columbia, Forest Acres, Cayce, and West Columbia.

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