A Home Maintenance Checklist – by Season

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Everyone wants their home to look amazing and to be in the best possible condition all the time. But then reality hits and it can feel overwhelming to think about all the various house maintenance tasks that a person needs to take care of at home each year. 

Finding the time to do all of these things can feel impossible between the demands you face at work and all the other responsibilities you shoulder daily.

Keep in mind that a handyman business can often help with many of these things on your checklist. You don’t have to do them all yourself. Just do the ones you want to do and find a handyman to take care of the rest.

What home maintenance tasks need to be done?

Some routine maintenance chores that need to be done once a month. Others are seasonal or only need to be done once per quarter or twice per year. And some things that only need to be addressed once each year. 

It can be helpful to compile a list of all the tasks you want to do for your house and property so you can keep up with it all.


  • Check HVAC filters
  • Inspect for plumbing leaks in bathrooms and the kitchen
  • Check the kitchen fan filter
  • Check the water softener and replace salt if needed
  • Inspect electrical cords, power strips, and surge protectors for damage, heat, smoke, or wear


Winter home maintenance list

  • Check windows and doors for drafts and add caulking
  • Cover outdoor AC units
  • Shut off water valves that lead to outdoor water pipes 
  • Test your sump pump
  • Inspect outdoor lighting

Spring home maintenance list

  • Inspect your roof (with binoculars from the ground)
  • Inspect your driveway and sidewalks for cracks that need patching
  • Pressure wash the outside of the house
  • Scrub and treat a wooden deck to protect from rot.
  • Clean window AC units
  • Check for wobbly deck railings
  • Re-open water valves to external water pipes
  • Clean window weep holes
  • Secure any loose siding or trim boards
  • Drain sediment from the hot water tank
  • Change the direction of your ceiling fan to cool the room
  • Clean your dryer vent

Summer home maintenance list

  • Look for chipping or peeling paint on the exterior of your house
  • Check for any rotting or damaged wooden boards on decks and outside steps
  • Inspect for destructive insects or pests entering the home
  • Check exterior faucets and hoses for leaks
  • Cover or plug any small holes that could invite pests
  • Inspect  swingset or play equipment in the yard for safety
  • Examine your fence to see if it needs new paint or repairs
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Fall home maintenance list

  • Replace worn weather stripping
  • Winterize your sprinkler system and other pipes to prevent frozen pipes
  • Check the damper in the fireplace for birds or insects nests
  • Close your crawl space vents
  • Change the direction of your ceiling fan to circulate warm air
  • Check gas fireplace for signs of damage, leaks, or problems (consider having it professionally inspected)
  • Clean your dryer vent


  • Clean gutters
  • HVAC inspection and maintenance of your heating system and AC unit
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


  • Schedule a chimney inspection
  • Examine your house for any cracks or problems with vents, drains, gutters and downspouts
  • Clean the dryer vent
  • Clean the refrigerator coils
  • Lubricate garage door springs
  • Touch-up indoor paint
  • Tighten plumbing fixtures
  • Check for loose doors or cabinet doors

You may love doing these things yourself. And that is amazing if you have the time, energy, and skill level to do handyman work yourself. 

Don’t have the time or energy to do these tasks yourself? Hire a professional!

Thankfully, a handyman service can help you maintain your home and keep it in good shape. You may even try asking your handyman company if they can go ahead and schedule to do specific seasonal maintenance tasks for you in advance. Then you won’t have to worry that these important things might be overlooked.

You can have peace of mind about your home’s upkeep but you can keep your free time for the things that matter most in life.

Need a handyman near you in Columbia, SC?

Punch List Pros is a licensed and insured handyman service in the Midlands of South Carolina. We would love to help you with burdensome maintenance issues and take that headache off your hands.

If you’re ready to hire a handyman to help, give us a call. We’d be glad to see if we can help tick off your home maintenance or honey-do list so you can concentrate on family, work, hobbies, and all the things you really love to do.

Contact us today for home maintenance assistance!


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