Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Handyman/Spouse

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The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to think about gift ideas for your spouse. If you have a handy husband or wife, perhaps they would appreciate something they can use for home improvement projects in 2021! They’ll enjoy their new tools and you’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor around the house.

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your husband in 2020 or your tool-inclined wife? We’ve got you covered!

Gifts for a handyman husband/spouse

If you want to find the best gifts for a handyman/handywoman, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get your holiday spirit in gear with all the things that your spouse would secretly love to put on their holiday wishlist.


If you’re looking for handyman Christmas gifts, tool gift ideas for the handyman/handywoman in your life are at the top of our list. 

Of course, be sure to select something they need, not something they already have. Unless what you are getting for them is a big step up and will work much better than the equipment they already have.

Best gifts for a carpenter/DIY home renovator

Every handyman needs great tools that are innovative, practical, and sturdy. Quality tools let them do quality work.

Measuring tools

Carpentry tools

Handyman cutting a board with a power circular saw

Work surfaces

  • Keter Folding Table Work Bench for Miter Saw Stand from Amazon—Since you probably don’t have a big worktable in every room in the house or the yard and bending over like the poor man above will hurt your spouse’s back, give your handyman a strong, durable, portable workbench that easily folds away when not in use.
  • DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty from Amazon—This stand lets your handyperson work with up to 16 feet of material securely and safely.

Work lights


  • Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit from Amazon—Hot glue lets your handy person be creative and lickety-split quick with projects.
  • Gorilla glue from Amazon—This powerful glue works quickly to get broken things back together or to complete projects.
  • Bondic from Amazon- This stuff is amazing. Every handyman needs some in their toolbox! Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Handyman Essentials

Worn-out tool belt with hammer, pliars, and tools on the ground

Handyman clothing

Gifts for your wife or your husband to help them be comfortable and well-prepared for anything life may throw at them. Time to replace all the old worn-out things with beautiful and strong DIY work essentials.

Tool organization/storage

Dad holding young daughter to put star on top of Christmas tree with mom sitting on floor under stairs

Creature comforts and pampering

The gift of professional handyman service

If you don’t have a handy spouse or your handyman husband/wife doesn’t have the time or desire to work on your honey-do list, maybe the best gift you can get for your sweetheart is a professional handyman!

Buy a few hours of handyman help and knock out those annoying little repair jobs and maintenance items that have been neglected around the house. 

Then you get the honey-do list completed and free up your spouse’s time for more important things. 

Hiring a handyman to help your elderly loved ones is also a fantastic way to help keep them safe so they don’t try to climb up on chairs or ladders to change lightbulbs or hang decorations. Falls are a leading cause of serious injury or even death for our elderly family members and friends. Why not prevent a tragedy with the thoughtful gift of a day with a trusted handyman?

Looking for a holiday handyman service near you in the Columbia, SC area?

We can help with moving furniture, hanging and removing holiday decorations and lightscarpentry projects, plumbing projects, electrical projects, preparing your home for sale (punch lists), and much more!

Please contact us today!


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