6 Mood-Boosting Projects to Try During Social Distancing and Beyond

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If you have to stay inside your home most of the time, why not make it the most cheerful place possible? There are lots of things you can do to boost your mood in your home so that home feels sweet rather than prison-like.

The more you feel like you can take control of your little world, the easier this stressful situation may be. When you do things to help yourself and your family thrive, you feel more productive and you have a sense of purpose.

Mood-boosting Projects

1. Add full-spectrum light bulbs

Especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light flooding your house during the day, invest in some full-spectrum light bulbs to let your brain think you are outside in the beautiful sunlight. The “color temperature” of the light in your home impacts everyone’s mood.

This can make a significant difference so you don’t feel like you are cooped up in a cave. Exposure to natural light has known mental health benefits, especially for seasonal depression. So do certain types of artificial light bulbs that are designed for people with (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

If you can’t get outside much, try adding full-spectrum lighting to the rooms where you spend the most time during the day. If you are up for it, you may even want to replace dated light fixtures while you’re at it.

Note: If you think you may be suffering from major depression or another type of depression, please reach out to a qualified mental health provider who can help.

2. Install new window treatments

If you have heavy drapes or blinds that are difficult to pull back, you may want to consider removing your window treatments, if possible, or changing them so that you can allow more natural light in the room.

When people live in spaces that provide plenty of natural light and a view to some greenery outside, they tend to have stronger immune systems, less depression, better focus, better concentration, lower anxiety levels, and other physical and mental health benefits.

3.Organize a room each week

Many people feel depressed when they are around lots of clutter. There is scientific evidence that there are mental, spiritual, and physical health hazards that come with a messy, cluttered home.

Some people love cleaning and get practically euphoric just thinking about getting to straighten up the house and get rid of trash and donate things that aren’t being used anymore.

For other people, cleaning and organizing feel more like a chore.

But there are several great reasons why organizing a room each week during the quarantine may be a great idea. It gives you (and your family) a sense of purpose. Organizing gives you some sense of control and autonomy. It provides a much more beautiful, welcoming, relaxing atmosphere when the clutter is gone and the room looks tidy.

Go through a few drawers each day. Take an hour for a closet. Have a bag for trash, a pile for things to keep, and a bag for donations. Pull everything out and then put it back in a designated place with other similar items.

Design some storage ideas to get the clutter under control that your family will enjoy and have fun using.

A tidy home provides mental and physical health benefits, too. (We’ve got some handyman best organizing solutions to share below the post.)

4. Paint a room or a wall

Choose a cheerful color that reflects light and brightens a dark room. Paint over an old color you hate with something refreshing and new. Or add a splash of beautiful color on an accent wall to liven up the space and add spark.

Even just touching up old paint with the same color to cover scuff marks can make the room feel a lot more cheerful.

5. Make your backyard an oasis

If you have the luxury of a backyard right now, why not make it something amazing? Work on the landscaping. Plant flowers. Trim the shrubbery. 

Think about a recreational project that you could install for the whole family to enjoy like:

  • A basketball goal/court
  • A badminton net
  • A volleyball net
  • A horseshoe pit
  • A swingset
  • A porch swing with an arbor
  • A swimming pool
  • An archery course (if you don’t have nearby neighbors)

Or you may want to refinish the deck, create a beautiful patio and firepit, or design a beautiful koi pond. This is the perfect time to think about how your backyard could become your family’s favorite place to relax and escape.

Photo by Logan Armstrong on Unsplash

6. Work on a home improvement project

Working on home repairs, a remodeling project, and doing handyman work to make your home more beautiful can be a fulfilling way to spend your extra time if you have the skills.

You may want to:

  • Put up a new kitchen tile backsplash.
  • Take down old wallpaper and paint.
  • Remodel your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Sand and refinish wood floors.
  • Replace rotten areas of wood.
  • Add security lights outside.
  • Install a new, more secure front or back door.
  • Install a doorbell camera for more security.
  • Add shelves or storage space.
  • Change the decor.
  • Add non-toxic plants to various rooms to bring life into your space.

Whatever you decide to do, please stay safe! If you don’t feel confident in your ability to tackle a project safely or you don’t feel you are familiar with the skills required, it’s okay to reach out for professional assistance.

8 ideas to boost your mood for FREE

  1. Go for walks outside if possible. This helps lower your blood pressure, increases mood-boosting hormones, helps your immune system, and relieves stress.
  2. Play with your pet or take your dog for a walk. This also lowers your stress level, lowers your blood pressure, and boosts your immune system.
  3. Play family games together and have fun in the evenings.
  4. Give back to your community. Doing something for others encourages us to be more cheerful and motivated. 
  5. Check on neighbors, family members, and friends who live alone. When you have a purpose to bless others, it helps you feel more hopeful.
  6. Sing and listen to music. This reduces stress and elevates mood.
  7. Embrace humor. Listen to uplifting comedians, read jokes, and watch encouraging comedies. Laughter is good medicine.
  8. Try to stick with a weekday and weekend routine to keep things as normal as possible.
Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

The handyman business is an essential business even during the quarantine in most states.

If you need some help with home repairs, your honey-do list, backyard projects, or other handyman services, there is likely a handyman near you who can help you get projects done that will help to boost your mood in the quarantine.

If you aren’t comfortable with someone coming inside your home, you could choose to focus on outdoor projects first.

Check with any handyman service you call to be sure they are following the latest CDC and OSHA COVID-19 guidelines to keep their employees and clients healthy and safe.

Looking for a handyman in the Columbia, SC area?

We’ve got you covered! 

We are a locally owned and operated handyman services company that is licensed and insured. We can help with home repairs, minor renovations, routine home maintenance, and your punch list when you are ready to move.

We pride ourselves in providing great customer service for our clients on all the repair and maintenance jobs we do.

Please contact us today to help you with your mood boosting projects!

We wish you and your family joy, health, and safety.



Latest CDC Guidelines

Latest OSHA Guidelines for essential workers

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