Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security to Protect Your Family

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Your home is your sanctuary. It is supposed to be the place where you and your loved ones are always safe. It’s wise to think about protecting your family and your property from potential thieves and predators. And with the uncertainty in the world, this is a great time to do a security checkup.

Having a good security plan to protect your home and loved ones can give you a whole lot of peace of mind.

Home Security Quiz

1. Does your home have a security system? If so, great job!

Having a home security system is a huge deterrent to home invasions. Criminals generally go for the easiest targets.

2. Do you have bright lighting with motion sensors near all entry points to your home? Yes? Good work!

Break-ins are much less likely if your home is well-lit and it looks like someone may be home.

3. Do you have a dog? If you do, that’s wonderful!

Having a dog deters people from wanting to break in your home. They don’t want the noise or potential injuries. Your home is too much trouble.

4. Do you make sure never to share your real-time location on social media? Two thumbs up if you do this!

It’s important not to give potential intruders notice that you are not home.

5. Did you have your locks re-keyed when you moved into your home? Good for you if you did!

Who knows how many keys the former owners or tenants of your home may have had? Or if someone may have made a copy of it?

6. Are there thick bushes against your house? Might be time to do something about that!

Overgrown bushes can create a good hiding spot for potential intruders.

7. Do you have sliding glass doors, french doors, doors without dead bolts, or lots of glass at ground level? It could be time to think about improving security.

Think about installing more secure doors or windows to protect your loved ones and valuables.

8. Do you keep a spare key hidden on the porch? It’s time for a new plan!

Potential intruders will look in the obvious places for a spare key. Maybe it’s time to install a coded lock so you can get in without a key but keep the bad guys out.

9. Do you leave doors or windows unlocked? This is a big gamble!

Perhaps your home will be safe, but why risk it? Keeping your doors and windows locked when you are away is one of the most important things you can do to protect your property.

Storm trooper standing guard in a townhouse window
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12 Steps to Improve Your Home’s Security Measures

Here are some practical, low-cost ways you can make your home a safer place for your family.

  1. Install deadbolt locks on all entry doors.
  2. Add additional security to windows and door glass, if needed.
  3. Trim or remove thick bushes that are close to your house.
  4. Keep curtains or blinds drawn in windows where potential burglars could see inside.
  5. Install timers on your lights to use when you are not home. For best results, also have a radio or TV come on with a timer, as well.
  6. Install a security system with or without monitoring services and be sure to put the sign in the yard
  7. Install bright motion-sensing lights at all of your home’s entrances.
  8. Install a doorbell camera (video doorbell) that links to a mobile app on your phone.
  9. Install security cameras outside your home.
  10. Install WiFi smart locks.
  11. Install lock status sensors on your windows.
  12. Set up smart lighting.

Some of these items are easy to install, and others take a bit more expertise.

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Let a Handyman Service Help You Improve Your Home Security

If you need some help making sure your new security measures are installed properly, most handyman companies can help with many of these security projects.

If it involves a screwdriver, hammer, power tools, or installation, it is usually handyman’s work. When you hire a handyman to install your home security systems and measures for you, you can begin to feel more at peace that everything that is important in your life is being properly protected.

Photo by Ralph Kayden on Unsplash

Home Security Systems

Having a home security system with a sign near your door is one of the best deterrents to break-ins. It may take a bit of getting used to your new system to be sure you learn how to arm and disarm it well. Yes, you may occasionally have a few false alarms, but it is worth that when you consider how much less likely you are to experience a burglary with one. 

Home security systems often include a variety of equipment:

  • The control panel
  • Motion detectors inside and outside
  • Door and window sensors
  • Cameras
  • Alarms
  • Window decals and a sign for the yard

You can choose a DIY home security system that alerts you on an app when there is a problem. With these systems, someone in the home will need to call 911, the DIY system will not contact help for you. 

Or you can involve a professional monitoring service that will call for help and even speak to the intruder to tell them to leave. 

Each monitoring plan is different, so be sure to speak to a few carriers and find out what a long-term contract would include and what the price would be.

Your home owner’s insurance may even give you a discount if you can prove that you have a home security system in your home.

Looking for a Handyman Near You in the Columbia, SC Area?

If you need to find a handyman to help you with your home security needs, home improvement projects, or your honey-do list and you are in the Midlands of South Carolina, we are ready to assist you!

Contact us today for help with your home’s security!


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