Create a Dog Paradise in Your Home for Your Fur Baby

Dog ownership has been exploding in America over the past two decades. As of 2017, there were about 90 million pet dogs in our country. That’s over 60 million households with dogs.

Dogs are always happy to see us. They give the best welcome home! They always love us unconditionally and just want to be with us, enjoying life in the moment.

Many dog owners go the extra mile to make their homes as comfortable as possible for their canine companions.

With just a little creativity and effort, your home can be your pooch’s paradise.

Because dogs are part of the family.

Young woman with dark straight long hair sitting at a table outside holding a white and brown chihauhau in a vest

"A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad."

Our Favorite Home Improvement Projects for Dog Lovers

Dog shower

  • Handheld showerhead in your tub or shower
  • Special half shower in the laundry room or mudroom
  • Showering/bathing station outside

Dog feeding station

  • Pull out drawers with feeding bowls
  • Pull out cabinets with feeding bings
  • Dog bowl stand

Dog bed nook/dog alcove

  • In an extra cabinet with the doors removed
  • Under the stairs in a cubby
  • In an old dresser with cabinet doors removed
  • Under a bench or window seat

Dog house

  • Doghouse under the stairs
  • Dog crate furniture in the laundry room or living area
  • Outside dog house
  • Under the house built into the crawl space

Dog room

    • Dog bed/furniture
    • All the feeding supplies, medications, grooming supplies organized in a cabinet
    • Grooming area
    • Bathing area
    • Feeding station
    • Doggie TV

Dog door

  • Dog door for sliding glass doors
  • Screen door with dog door
  • Electronic dog door

Dog gates

  • Baby gates or pet gates
  • Half-pocket doors 
  • Half-hinged doors

Water fun

  • Sprinkler system
  • Kiddie pool
  • Water fountain for wading
  • Custom pond

Dog security cameras

  • Outdoor motion-sensing cameras help you check on your dog if he is outside all day.
  • Indoor security cameras allow you to monitor your dog’s wellbeing while you are gone.

Some cameras even allow you to talk and interact with your pet.

Girl with ponytail and white shirt standing in tub bathing dog with handheld showerhead

A handyman can help

Maybe your dog needs a bit of help with the power tools. If you have your heart set on some of these doggie upgrades but you don’t have the time or skill to install them yourself, hire a handyman!

A handyman near you can tackle many of these projects like installing doors or gates, installing security cameras, installing a new dog door or screen door. A handyman service can also help you change out your old shower faucet to a handheld one or maybe even help retrofit a cabinet into a doggie nook.

Are you looking for a handyman business to help make your home pet-friendly in the Columbia, SC area?

We have years of experience doing handyman work, home maintenance, home repairs, and taking care of punch lists before a home sells.

Contact us today to help your dog feel more at home!

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