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Punch List Pros

Punch List Pros was founded in the summer of 2017 with the goal of providing professional handyman services for realtors and property owners in the Columbia, SC area.

Fire Prevention: 9 Maintenance Musts for Home

Plug and cord on fire in electrical outlet|fire prevention

Some home maintenance items can actually help with fire prevention in your home. Be sure you stay on top of these 9 critical issues.

How to Convert Your Garage into a Living Space

Apartment living space with kitchenette, island, and living area|convert your garage into a living space

Need more room in your home for the family without having to move to a new house? Here are our tips on how to convert a garage into a living space you’ll love!

Our 7 Best Kitchen Drawer Organizer Ideas

Organized drawer - Best kitchen drawer organizer ideas

Tired of the mess? Check out our best kitchen drawer organizer ideas and tips.

4 Must-Have Garage Upgrades

Clean, organized gray and red garage with workshop area

The most dreaded chore… cleaning up and organizing the garage. Garages tend to attract clutter, dirt, junk, and chaos. Most of us have way too much stuff piled haphazardly all over the place. This is the big chore that we usually put on the back burner and say, “I’ll get to that eventually,” then we

7 Ways to Stop Drafty Windows and Doors

Woman in sweater, leggings, and cozy socks reading by a large window with snow outside

When cold weather hits, you want your home to feel warm and toasty. Here are 7 great ways to keep cold air out of your home.

A 2021 Kitchen Upgrade Checklist

White kitchen cabinets, brown kitchen island, diamond tile backsplash, glass door cabinets, stainless steel fridge kitchen

If you’re thinking of a big or small kitchen upgrade, we’d love to provide the inspiration you need.

Getting Ready for Snow in the South

Large red home with multiple-gables in the snow

What can you do to prepare for snowstorms in the South? We’ve got some pro tips!

5 Upgrades to Whip Your Home into Shape in 2021

White, modern kitchen, with large kitchen island, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors.

Ready to make some home improvements in 2021, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Do You Need a General Contractor or Handyman?


Both help with home improvements. So how can you tell if you need a handyman or a general contractor?

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Handyman/Spouse

Red, white, and brown wrapped Christmas gifts with string ribbon and berries

Looking for the best Christmas gift for the handyman in your life? If you have a spouse who is a DIYer, we’ve got the holiday gift list for you!