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Punch List Pros

Punch List Pros was founded in the summer of 2017 with the goal of providing professional handyman services for realtors and property owners in the Columbia, SC area.

13 Tips for Organizing Your Supplies During the Quarantine

Many people have had to dramatically increase the amount of food they are storing at home during this quarantine period. Maybe you’re used to eating out for 10 meals per week and now every meal is at home. Between the non-perishable food containers and an extra stash of paper products, it can be tough to

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe and Healthy

We are doing all we can to make sure you are safe when you need a handyman to come to your home.

Toilet Paper Alternatives and Bidets

reaching out for toilet paper

Need some alternatives to toilet paper options ASAP? Maybe even some information on bidets? We’re here to help!

A Handyman’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

When the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, the world seems to start a new, refreshing chapter. It’s time for nature to reset itself and start over. Maybe that’s why spring is a time that leads so many people to think about a deep purging and cleaning for their homes. It feels good to

Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

home office

It’s always great to have a quiet, distraction-free place to work at home. But this year, it’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for more people than ever. If you have the type of job you can do from home, you are very fortunate. If you are suddenly working from home, how can you

Creative Handyman Clutter Solutions for Each Room

stacked towels

We’ve talked about the negative mental health and physical health impacts of clutter in a previous post. There are a surprising number of health benefits for everyone when the home is organized and decluttered. Now let’s get into some practical ideas to help your family live more clutter-free so that you can have the health

19 Child Safety Tips for Your Home During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Baby balancing on stool

There is nothing more precious than holding your sweet baby in your arms. Becoming a parent changes you. It gives you a whole new perspective on life and priorities. You want so much to take the best possible care of your little one. With so many families being home 24/7 now during the quarantine, safety at

3 Steps to Rent Your Home As an Airbnb

cute white house with red trim and short white picket fence

Interested in renting your home to make some extra money? Here’s what you need to do!

Property Maintenance for Your Airbnb


Renting out your own home or your vacation home is easier than ever thanks to Airbnb. All you have to do is get some great pictures of your place and put up some information. You can connect directly with your renters on the Airbnb app. This makes it possible to rent your property without even

Why Are Some Handyman Services So Unreliable?

hammer and bent nails

Getting around to doing house repairs is hard. You’re busy! You’re tired. You have more important things to do. Maybe you aren’t exactly sure how to do the jobs. Or maybe it isn’t really safe for you to get up on a ladder anymore or try to handle electricity. You know you need to call