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Punch List Pros

Punch List Pros was founded in the summer of 2017 with the goal of providing professional handyman services for realtors and property owners in the Columbia, SC area.

Protect Your Family’s Packages from Sneaky Porch Pirates Today

Most of us order things online these days. With COVID-19, online shopping is more important and essential than ever.  It’s so convenient to just order from home and have what you need shipped right to your front door. The problem is that packages sitting outside are vulnerable to “porch pirates.” Millions of packages are stolen

6 Mood-Boosting Projects to Try During Social Distancing and Beyond

6 Mood-Boosting projects you can do now to make your home more cheerful and bright.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security to Protect Your Family

Ready for a home security checkup?

A Home Maintenance Checklist – by Season

Keep up with your home maintenance needs year-round.

Backyard Recreational Ideas for Your Family – Summer 2020

Even if with the quarantine, here are 14 ways you can still have fun in your own backyard this summer!

4 Fantastic Benefits of Window Treatments

gray cat near brown vase with sunflowers

Benefits of window treatments are amazing! They can help save energy, provide security, and more!

A Few Hours of Handyman Service Is the Perfect Gift

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their parents and grandparents, but it can be surprisingly difficult to do! Here’s a gift idea your loved ones will appreciate.

13 Tips for Organizing Your Supplies During the Quarantine

Many people have had to dramatically increase the amount of food they are storing at home during this quarantine period. Maybe you’re used to eating out for 10 meals per week and now every meal is at home. Between the non-perishable food containers and an extra stash of paper products, it can be tough to

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe and Healthy

We are doing all we can to make sure you are safe when you need a handyman to come to your home.

Toilet Paper Alternatives and Bidets

reaching out for toilet paper

Need some alternatives to toilet paper options ASAP? Maybe even some information on bidets? We’re here to help!