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What Is a Punch List?

girl writing a list

What does the term “punch list” even mean? Most often today, when someone refers to a “punch list,” they are talking about a list of home repairs that need to be done before a house closing during the selling process.  Sometimes a homeowner attempts to complete a list of repairs around the house even before

I Punched a Hole in My Drywall. Is There an Easy Fix?

hole in wall

Are you looking for an easy drywall fix for a small hole in your wall?

What Is the Difference Between a Handyman and a Contractor?

construction worker

Is there any difference between a handyman and a contractor? How do you know when to call one vs. the other?

How to Keep From Getting Ripped Off by Home Repairmen

100 dollar bills

If you own a house, you know that things go wrong. Appliances eventually need repair and replacement. Paint gets scuffed up. Eventually, a doorknob is probably going to knock a hole into the drywall. A leaky faucet will need to be replaced. The windows need caulking. The maintenance list goes on and on. When you

What Are Some Signs a Person Is a Good Handyman?

Man on a latter installing lighting fixture

Owning your own home means you are living the dream! There are so many wonderful benefits that come with home-ownership.  But sometimes dealing with the maintenance of a household can be time-consuming and frustrating. Who has time to spend a few hours every month or two on all the little projects that need to be

How Can I Find a Good Handyman Company?

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Need home repairs and improvements, but feeling lost? Looking to get ready for the inlaws, to list your house on the market or have a honey-do list that desperately needs attention? Maybe you just want to enjoy living in a beautiful, well-maintained, fully functioning home. As a homeowner maybe you are not sure who to